8 Tips To Re-Activate Your Creativity


Creative block is the temporary failure of a person to access his own “creative ideas.” It is a situation in which any creative person gets stuck with no ideas. People who are greatly affected with a creative block are those who are involved in creative professions such as artists, writers, performers, musicians and designers. For example, a designer beginning a new project or a writer in the middle of writing a novel may face a creative block.

Suffering from a creative block or an artist block is like a nightmare for many people. Just like creativity is natural to many designers, getting stuck with a creative block is nothing new for them. Artists, who experience this infuriating phenomenon, face ups and downs in their creativity level. It doesn’t at all mean that they’re losing their ability to be creative as it is just a temporary situation they face due to specific reasons. So, the first thing to do is to identify the reasons behind the block and overcome them accordingly. Here are a few tips for overcoming a creative block and get back to work:

1.    Go through some tutorials

A very good tip to start off with it is to follow some tutorials on the Internet. Although you want to come up with your own creative work, following the tutorials will enable you to learn new methods and techniques related to art and inspire you in one way or the other. Thus, it will help you improve your creativity during the process.

2.    Take a painting class

Taking a painting class is also a very good tip to begin with. When you attend painting classes, you will be able to learn new lessons that will unblock the artist in you and make you paint more effectively.

3.    Draw sketches

The best tip to overcome the artist block is to start doodling shapes in your sketchbook. Drawing on a blank canvas gets your creative juices flowing more freely. Great designers always start by sketching and drawing up vague and meaningless structures. You don’t need to get anxious by the blank canvas; just take the pencil in your hand and start sketching. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly ideas conjure up in your mind by just a little doodling.

4.    Take inspiration from others

One more tip to unblock the creativity in you is to take inspiration from the work of others by visiting art galleries and viewing paintings that interests you. By looking through designs created by others and taking inspiration from them, you will be able to broaden your ideas to a great extent. It will also help you keep up to date with the latest trends.

5.    Read a book

Pick up a book and start reading. This will take your mind off from your work for some time and will also create some good ideas. You can visualize a scene from the story and create it into your painting.

6.    Listen to music

Listen to some good music. Try something you haven’t listened to before. Even a song can inspire you to overcome the creative block. Listening to something unique with new sounds and lyrics will improve your thinking ability and will create new ideas in your mind.

7.    Go for a walk

Sitting all day thinking on the same topic will make you tired and monotonous. It is advisable to go outside for a walk and freshen up yourself. You never know what can inspire you from the environment.

8.    Don’t be in self-doubt

Another tip for getting over with the creative block is to stop doubting yourself. Everybody faces self-doubt and the best solution to overcome it is to stop comparing yourself with others. You must be confident about yourself and should be determined in whatever you do.