When we talk of blogging tools, a platform that emerges on our perception horizons instantly is none other than “WordPress”. The forum has set its benchmarks in 2003, where other blogging platforms eventually followed the lead. Currently 17% of the websites globally are managed using this hosting platform. Whereas the online businesses are concerned, WordPress has always helped them in various ways. Without any mere exaggeration let’s see what few of them are?

Very User Friendly And Inexpensive:

Without being phony WordPress is a splendid tool for blogging when it comes to ease of use. The responsive interface allows users to very swiftly maintain their blogs and add in images and text with little efforts. Here only the other advantage is realized, it is a free blogging platform and its ease of use reduces the additional cost of hiring technical expertise for maintenance of web pages.

Word Press: A Darling Of Search Engines:

Through WordPress it is very easy to get attracted to multiple search engines. The clean and simple ‘coding’ behind WordPress is pretty neat. The very easy customization option activates the better ranking opportunities. Along with that, tags may be used to enhance SEO efforts.

Creation Of Brand Awareness Through Blogging:

There are millions of WordPress users who aim at popularizing their brands through extensive blogging. See, the game doesn’t end if you regularly update a blog and sit back to watch visitors hit your page. You need to socialize to grab your share of market. Make categories on your page and frequently comment on other blogs that somehow connect and relate to your titles, brand or services. How will that benefit , is crystal clear, you get fame ,recognition on already renowned pages and there you use the concept of link building to serve your interest best.

Mobile Centric:

Wohooooo! These days you introduce a technology and keep smartphones deprived of it! Not an inch possible! Various intelligent Applications in smartphones exist for ANDROID, IOS (IPHONE, IPAD AND IPOD), WINDOWS PHONE and BLACKBERRY. Through these applications one may do commenting, add blog posts, and also view the stats.

Have Multiple Users Each With Customized Access:

Now companies may benefit here the most, those in particular that operate a wide and extensive network of employees. They may want to keep few things confidential and WordPress allows you to do that. A limited access can be provided to certain employees, while few may enjoy complete authorized access. Read-only modes will guide you better when we talk of keeping info secret.