Why Invest in a Well Designed Logo

logo design

Startups often underestimate the importance of establishing brand identity, which is why they often go for cheap or poorly designed logos.

Businesses exist to serve a purpose and to achieve that they have to serve other businesses or people with some product or service. The problem arise when there are other similar businesses in the industry . So how a business can stand out in this crowded market? How they can differ from their competitors? The answer is a logo. A logo is what differentiates a business from its competitor.

Since startups are new to the industry and they have a huge competition to face, it is especially necessary for them to invest in a well design logo.

Consumer Remember You For Your Logo As Well

First impression is the last impression, remember? This is what your logo does. Startups fear that their business will not be able to create a lasting impression upon the audience. A logo can drive that fear away as a good logo design will make your consumer remember your startup for later. People may also mention your brand to others just because they loved your logo design.

Effective Communication

When you try to give presentations in a class, which do you think does a better job, PowerPoint or Excel? Why? It is because of effective communication. People tend to respond better to visual presentations. Best combination of color, images and text will lead better response from your target audience.

A Logo is a part of Your Brand’s Identity

Startups usually ignore that a well design logo contributed to the development of a distinctive brand identity. That logo will become the heart of your every campaign, whether it is advertising, CSR, seminar or stationeries. A well designed logo will become the very identity of your brand. Consumers will recognize your brand with its logo.

Some Tips

If you want to create a logo that defines your startup, you need to remember these tips.

  • Make sure your logo is based on your brand’s message. What your brand stands for? What is the purpose of its existence? What position you want your brand to create in consumers mind?
  • Try to get ideas from other logos. See how these logos define their respective brands. Make some sketches of design ideas you have in your mind.
  • Discuss it with expert designers, business partners and marketing manager and note their feedback.
  • Coordinate with your designers and marketing manager and incorporate their feedback in your logo design and create different variations.
  • Never use clip arts in your designs and no comic-sans fonts. Make sure your logo is designed in vector graphics.

Avoid Pre-Designed Logo

Some startups just pick a pre-designed logo from any logo company, do some alterations and get along with it. It does not cost much and some believe that hacking a logo at the beginning is a better way to go about it. This method will never produce a logo design that is completely different and unique. It should be a common sense that a logo not made specifically for your brand can never define your brand.